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Date: April 12th 1942
Mother and Father

Dear Mum & Dad

I've just got back from leave at the Colston's and then a two day scheme, and got your swell parcel of Jan. 29, via Mr. Paxton. We must have been held up on the way over. Oh, and some cigs a week ago, for all of which thank you.

The leave was swell at the Colstons. They're swell people. They have a big place out in Bucks, which is West of London. Huge grounds and a most attractive house. This was over Easter, by the way. I had 2 eggs for breakfast every morning which is something in this country at the moment. Went out shooting for wood pidgeon and rabbits with Mr. Colston & dog Betsy. Played golf one day, and went through his factory another day. All very interesting. Then had a date in London with an American Ambulance driver so as not to be too healthy when I went back to camp,

The Shaws were also at the Colston's over Easter; I hadn't seen them for some time. They're darn nice, and can't wait for Hairp to come over after the war.

Sorry to hear Eric's a prisoner, but that's a lot better than just missing. You're letters were a bit twisted. I heard that he was a prisoner, then that he was missing.

I'm glad you met Tommy Trenholme and traced the mystery of my little car. I explained in at least two letters, but I guess they didn't reach you. I'm also glad Tommy Arnold called you. I asked him to. He was pretty made at going home. We were doing a night job at the time and I was sleeping the morning he was told. Tommy was swearing up and down the rooms, throwing stuff into a trunk, and telling me all about it at the same time. I didn't get much sleep.

We're in very comfortable quarters at the moment. Big playing field, wooden huts and even a parade ground. Also a very modern kitchen. A Hore- Belisha Palaces*, they're called. I don't know how long we'll stay here, we move around a lot.

I could use some heavy socks for marching if there any knitters looking for a job. However, I know you're all darn busy, so maybe one of your pals would react to a hint.

Love to you both. Geoff. P.S. Writing to Hairp & Nan & John if I get time.