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Date: January 1942

Dear Nan

Thanks Nan for the Standard, its been arriving on the dot since the middle of December, and is digested slowly by me before it goes to the mess; when it gets there is disintegrates pretty fast, and is finally used by grateful batmen for starting fires. So you can see that its a swell present to have. I thought I was going to lose track of old "Superman", but I can see that his part of the war effort is pretty substantial. To say nothing of the pearl necklace and the car. I had a lot of fun opening that parcel. Matter of fact I was a bit dull about the necklace and car, then it burst on me in a blinding flash of flame.

Life in the woods is a bit dull, but healthy. When I heard we were coming down here, I bought a new pipe and some carpet slippers, and have I used them. However I know a cute little WREN (WRNS) fairly near here, so I may promote that for a few quiet evenings.

Well cheerio Nan, write me the 'local dirt'. Love Nan Geoff