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Date: November 12th 1944


Dear Mom,

Well, I "boobed" again. This letter is a formal apology for the one I wrote about 3 hours ago. Since I wrote the other one the mail came in. With the mail were two envelopes addressed to me. One a Christmas card from the sister (a bit premature but welcome) and the other an epistle from you dated the 28 of Oct. Marvelous. I got some mail. Right now I feel swell. Those pictures were not very good as you say but the one of you alone was swell. It's the best one of you I have. I was looking at it when Joe came up and asked me who the girlfriend was. He nearly fell over when I told him that it was you (if that wasn't true I'd charge you a quarter) (pardon me, a bob or a shilling). The old place must look quite nice now eh? That sample you sent me was really something. I think the place will really look a hell of a lot better. It was pretty grim before but, I'd have to see it now (that is a compliment you dope) That xxxx Teeter sent that picture home; I haven't even seen it yet! How about that eh. I have written him a letter to get one from him. Who the devil is "big fat Alex" I know quite a few Alex's. How about explaining eh kid? That must have been quite an uncrating party eh? Some fun? I wish I had been there. You ask about "wet dingy drill" It's just practice with a dingy in case we go into water (ditch) Wet means it is in water. Really quite simple.

Poor Fraser, I really feel sorry for him. He kind of had it before he started didn't he. That's swell about the fruit. Send it on sweetheart (note the loving terms still trying to be excused for the last letter.) By the way if Norma needs money in this post grad course you know where it is. She will be home for Xmas + New Years won't she. Lucky girl. I hope the pictures we took will turn out OK. If so I'll send them as soon as I can. By the way can you change that S in my name on the address to one that Base Post Office can read. From the pencil marks on this letter the must have had trouble deciphering it. I can read it you know but that might be the hold up in the mail. So long for now.

You loving son


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