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Date: October 27th 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles

1666 H.C.U.

Dear Mom:

Well here we are again. By the way, my new address is above. If you address my mail that way it will get here faster. At least that’s what the guy told us. I got three letters from you yesterday Oct 12, 15, and 18. Since today is the 27th that is pretty good. I’m going to try to answer them in turn. Thank Kelly for me will you. He sure is a swell guy. You say Nick’s speech was grim eh, well don’t worry about it. He got through OK didn’t he? You say to write the sister, she still hasn’t answered my last two letters, so what the hell. Tell her to get cracking will you. The old town is really perking up eh. Ask Gert for me if she is going to enter any races will you. I guess it will have quietened down a lot now though. So mama is proud of her little boy or something like that eh. I got that parcel you sent with the chicken I think, I got one with chicken but I thought you had been told about it. I didn’t even know that Ruth was out of bed, I’m glad she’s O.K. again. I can imagine the council visiting the returned guys. Everyone sitting around in a circle trying to think of something to say. That must be a lot of fun. Boy when I come home I’ll probably be feeling so happy about everything that they will be shocked or something. So Owen didn’t get a commission eh. That’s too bad, he’s a swell guy. Will you please quit worrying about spending that money. You’d think it was a crime to spend a cent of it after all you have spent on me. No more of that see!!! Well I hope you got the picture I sent you. If not you probably will sometime soon.

Your Loving Son

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Original Scans