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Date: September 28th 1944


Dear Mom:

Well here I am again at last. As I said in my last letter we went on leave. What a leave. I went to see Teeter & stayed overnight & all the next day with him. He managed to get the day off to see me. Pardon the writing. Another shaky table & a crumpled form. As I said Tommy got the day off. I called at about 6 o'clock at night & we got a room & proceeded to get very drunk. Don't tell his mother that. We had a swell time. Got up the next day about noon & went to a couple of shows. We weren't in the mood for drinking then. After that I went to London with the rest of the crew & had a swell time there. Saw some fairly modern shows (Wing & a Prayer, Bathing Beauties etc) All in all we had a swell time. Then we came here, our new station. I have just finished fighting for two hours with the fire in my room to get it to burn. Then I gave up. What a place. A second Maitland. However it won't be too bad. We won't be flying for about a month again so you can breathe easy for that long anyway. I am glad Nicky got such a good reception at home. He deserves it you know. Tell Mrs. Charbonneau (pardon Lettersby) that Teeter is fine & looks fine. He still gets a bit homesick but he is getting used to it now. He's a swell guy, made me meet all his friends etc. He sure was glad to see someone from home. I told you that I would like a lot of canned goods (fruit etc.)in my parcels eh. Edie sent me some hot chocolate & oxo in hers but we have no place to make it so I had to give most of it away to the batwoman. We haven't got any here. What a life. Well I guess I had better sign off soon now because it is practically midnight. Well so long sweetheart. Write soon please

Your loving son


P.S. I know there isn't much in these letters but there is so little we are allowed to tell you. Jack

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Original Scans