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Date: December 1st 1944


Dear Mom:

Well I finally have some pictures for you. They are pictures taken in Manchester and a couple here. I am sending a few now and some copies of the ones from Manchester later so that so that you can send some to Norma & Grandma.

There is one very good one of the whole crew, all sober etc. The one of Red and myself is pretty good. Red is another Nav. that I know. He is getting married over here soon.

In Manchester there were only five of us and we took the pictures. So most of the pictures only have five of us in them. (sensible isn't it)

By the way, if you notice a queer look on my face don't blame me. I was trying to smile through a hangover or something. Some fun. I like the picture of Joe with the whole crew rather than his alone. It looks more like him. Chris of course looks very serious, don't let it fool you he usually isn't so serious. I guess that takes care of the pictures. Write & let me know what you think of them will you? Give your opinion of the crew. They are a swell bunch.

I received a parcel from Grandma & one form Edie but I haven't received yours. However I am still hoping to get it. I still have to write Grandma & Edie thanking them for the parcels. This isn't going to be a very long letter, since nothing has happened since I wrote you last & it is still raining. Some fun. Well I guess that I had better close soon, because it is near dinner time and I am feeling very hungry. So solong for now. Hope you get pictures alright & also that you like them. Well solong for now

Your loving son


Original Scans

Original Scans