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Date: October 2nd 1944

Oct. 2/44

Dear Mom:

Well, here I am again. What a place. I bought a bike to get around with for £9:0:0 & so we have to march and run. A battle school no less. Oh well it isn't so bad. I'll have the bike to get around with anyway. How is everyone there. I haven't got the local rag for quite a while but will probably get a bunch of them together. Got a letter from Edie the other day & she still hasn't forgotten about yours truly being locked in the bathroom. I guess I will never live that down. By the way, don't worry about the nine quid I put up for the bike, I won sixteen quid in a crap game the night before. What a game. Per usual I can't think of much to say. Saw Lassie Come Home last week on leave The dog came from Yorkshire didn't it. What a part of England. Never saw anything like it. Sun in the morning, rain in the afternoon or vice versa or just no sun. Edie was hoping I found part of Eng with no rain but this is worse. Oh well maybe it will improve. By the way, tell that big sister of mine to write she owes me a letter & I won't write until I get one. I got some cig's from Grandma yesterday the first I have got for a long while so I guess they aren't coming through very well just now. They are changing over the system to be faster, the change is at this end, so when it starts I hope it will be a bit quicker. I told you I saw Teeter didn't I? I wrote yesterday to give him my address so I am expecting an answer soon. He will be getting some leave soon & I hope he comes to see me. He promised that he would. I guess I don't get much into these letters, but damn it, anything I would like to tell you I can't & that leaves very little to say. Well I had better sign off now. Will write soon.

Your loving son


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