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Date: May 19th 1944

May 19, 1944

Dear Mom

Well Here I am again. I shore hope you are feeling good. How is Mil. I haven't received any mail from you yet, or parcels. Mary Malloch wrote me a letter but that is all the mail I have had. However I guess I will have to sit & wait. I hope I get some soon though. I won't mail this until tomorrow. Please tell me if the money is coming through OK. If so OK, if not I'll see what I can do. How is everybody around there. I lost Teeters address but I am going to send him a letter to his home & let them forward it. I haven't much to tell you (that I can tell you) Our letters aren't suppose to be censored but you never can tell when they will pick one up & censor it. Did you get down to Norma's graduation. Tell me all about it please. Did they get any word about Mr. Milden? You won't have to worry about me for quite a while yet. How is the work going & did you arrange about the cig's? I could ask you questions all day but there is nothing I can say to you because there is no news & if there was I probably wouldn't be able to tell you. I shore hope your letters start coming pretty soon or else I will go batty. Tell me if you got the flowers I cabled for mother's day, & if you got my first cable allright. There was probably a splash in the local rag about 4 of us arriving so send the clipping as I don't think we can get any newspapers over here from over there. Well this form is starting to get filled up so I will have to close soon. However I will write soon, as I have a few more forms left. Well lots of love.

Your loving son


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