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Date: May 1944

Dear Mom.

I know that you are probably worried because you haven't heard from me for a while. I was on leave and since our mail has to be posted in a military post office I couldn't mail any. I had a wonderful leave. I was up at Windermere in the lake district. Boy it is beautiful country up there it reminds me a lot of Muskoka district in Canada. I spent my leave lounging around, rowing, riding a bike, fishing etc. The fellow where I was staying owns 3 small lakes which he stocks with rainbow trout, speckled trout etc. Boy that's fishing. I tried to get in touch with Jack but missed him. I was talking to Colonels, Majors etc. and they all promised to tell him. So one night when I was out he phoned long distance & missed me. However the fact he phoned might mean that he has changed. I hope so. By the way, I lost my fountain pen, can you get me a good one from Horace? & send it as soon as possible. I haven't yet received word from you but I don't expect to for some time yet. It is sometime very slow. I hope you got the flowers I went to you (by cable) for mothers day. Please tell me if you did. I am out of cigarettes so please tell Horace to get cracking as soon as possible. Did you get your bigger check yet? Please let me know. I got another war bond which you should get in about 6 mos. when I have finished paying for it. Well solong for now. Will write soon.

Your loving son


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Original Scans