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Date: March 1944

P/O Styles J M
Maitland, NS

Dear Mom:

Well don't fall over. Here I am again. God what a hole. There is nothing to do here except sleep whenever you have spare time. Brother. We are on a 36 this week end so we are sleeping. Some fun eh? Note the snazzy paper eh. I am going to increase my assignment to $90 per month soon. Do you think you can manage on that? Please write me. I have had no word from anybody yet & boy am I bored. They have the prettiest red mud around camp. However we went for a route march this morning and the mud was the usual colour farther away from camp. Yesterday afternoon we had the afternoon off & since the tide was out we walked out the shore for about a mile. Then it started to come in so we walked back in. Some excitement eh? By the way did you send that stuff I asked for yet? I have to borrow a pen every time I write you. Did I tell you that we can get beer here? One qt per week Also you can only buy 1 razor blade if they happen to have any. We still haven't been paid yet so I am still broke but we have hopes of getting some on Monday. If we get our full pay I will walk into the bank at Maitland (only about 1 hr or 1 ½ hr walk) & transfer it home to you. If I do will you deposit some of it in my account (3% interest) & some into a joint account between us. It will probably be about $90 I send. If I keep it here it might go anywhere. As I sit here now & look out into the virgin forest I think how it must feel to live in the tropics surrounded by jungle etc. Some fun eh? By the way, when I increase the assignment will you deposit some in my account, in the joint account & use as much of it as you want. It might help you get down to see Norma or up to see Grandma or something but above all keep moving around & doing something. Don't sit like a bump on a log like I am doing. Brother, to think that I might spend 8 weeks or more here. Boy oh boy am I disgusted. Why did I ever get my commission. If we get a 48 I am going to try to get up to Moncton to see Scotty & the rest of the fellows. Well goodbye for now & please write soon.

Your loving son


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