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Date: July 9th 1943
Patricia Collins (neice)

My Dear Patricia,

And the same goes for Marie. Your mother tells me in her letter of June 4th that you can read and write now so I want you to read this letter to Marie. She will understand why I didn't write to her - in a few years she will be able to read too then I'll write to her. I understand that you are quit an accomplished pianist and tap dancer and that you held first place at school for academics (explain, mother). I believe that Marie is as proud of you as I am and would like to see her follow in her sister's footsteps. Your mother was a pianist and always brought home the roses for academics so keep it up and I'm sure your little sister will do

likewise. I heard all about your Christmas party and hope to be there for your next one but that will be nearly impossible as I have work to do right here. Give my love to Michael Jr., Peter, Ralph, Tommy Jr., Paul and Marie. Don't forget mother and Don and Nonna too. For Marie: take good care of Nonna for me and I'll bring home a hurricane tank busker for you.

Your loving uncle,