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Date: July 5th 1942
Millie (sister)

In England again July 5, 1942
Dear Millie,

I just finished writing you a letter when another one from you come popping up, telling me to inspect a package from Mom. I got your parcel a few days ago. Everything was in good order. Thanks kid! Thanks Donny! Thanks Paul and you too, Tommy! As soon as I unwrapped the parcel one of the pilots grabbed the paper and ran to the can to try it out. I've enough paper to last me a couple of years. Esther sent me a package of paper that is still practically untouched.

I got mom's package, today and am enclosing the customs labels. Silk stockings - wow - they are more precious than gold over here. I've met a swell girl at a dance and she's already invited me over to her place for a salad and steak. Her mother was grand to me. I think she deserves the stockings and she'll split an atom when she sees them. She is like one of the millions of other girls that paint their legs because they have no stockings. Everyone would give at least $5.00 for a pair like them but I can't sell them. I wouldn't be doing the right thing. I've picked up a small portable radio, ask Donny if he can get a battery for me and send it along in one of the parcels. Details of the battery: 67 1/2 volts Eveready Minimax B battery (for miniature radios) They are made by Can. Carbon Company, Toronto. Eatons may have some in stock.

Thanks for the trouble Donny and someday I'll take you up for a parachute jump.

I'm going to write a letter to Tommy. So long for now. Love to all the family and the kids. As for you, mom, your letter was perfect. Your handwriting is even better than Millies.

Your loving frere,