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Date: June 30th 1942
Esther (sister)

Dear Es,

Gotcha letter #4 which is really letter #5 dated May 18th, 1942. Boy you made me hurt out laughing

Where I read about Patty yelling "Ma my teeth are falling out." I'm saving all the paper you have been sending me and am clearing out all the old scrap before using the real "Bond".

I went back to London for a week with the Collinses. They were kind and good to me. I wish you could send me a picture of your whole family or one of the kids or what you have. Bill's picture would interest the Collins' very much. Send a snap of the kids.

I saw Tom down in Southampton but couldn't stay very long. He's in good condition and raring to go places. T.P. send you all his love. As for me I'm now back in England on the East Coast and flying under Fighter Command but for how long I don't know.

I like this station even better than the one up in Scotland. I'm getting used to the living conditions now and can enjoy myself anywhere. Yesterday, a dozen of us got back from 14 days leave to find that the overseas packages had piled up during our absence. I got two pounds of Laura's from Millie and 1300 cigs. All the other "Colonials" got packages also. You should imagine what the mess tables looked like last night - cans of peanut butter, honey, cheddar cheese, etc. I wish you'd tell the folks not to send anything perishable - except chocolates. We've been having plenty of salads lately. Potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages, rhubarb, peas, etc., are growing up in all spaces available - in lawns, parks, gardens, all over the country. The staple food is fish and chips and national bread. For more news see Millie's letter. "Cheerio Bill."

Your loving frere,

Love to Patty and Marie. I'll send or bring Sgt. Collins anything I can't use up.