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Date: May 10th 1942
Esther McKnight (cousin)

Dear Pepper,

You Chidrule, so Herbie's name is Herb and not Jimmy. So What? Your name is Esther but I don't call you Esther. If you could just hear the swell names I'm calling you now. You're a real dear. And another thing, my name isn't "Mr. Frank," it's Sarge and smile when you say that.

This is Mother's day and being a little mother yourself I'll dedicate this day (one or two drinks anyway), to you. And the baby has four teeth1 My, my, isn't she going to look funny with just four teeth when she gets to be big just like her mother. The baby must take after Herby, except when it's hungry.

It's tough about the Pizzolli's baby. Sorry to hear about it. tragic, I'd call it.

You wanted to know what a staff pilot is. It's a pilot who is called upon at the station to fly any and every plane that has to be flown. So far I‘ve handled six different types, Ausons, Blenheims, etc.

I've got regular hours, just like office hours - from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. At 8:30 I get into my plane check it over and take it up. Come down for lunch and take it up again after lunch. At 5:00 p.m. I'm down again, usually at the home base (my station). This goes on every day - over England, Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, convoys, etc.

I like flying ver the whisky distilleries when I begin to feel tired - a good deep breath at low altitudes and I feel ready for a few more hours. Thanks for thinking of sending some cigarettes, Pepper, but I'm getting plenty from home. Ann has been sending them across quite regular now. Oh, well, if you insist who am I to argue. Keep peace in the family is my motto.

Hello herb, you better watch out or you'll be put on draught. I hope the Pepper is treating you jolly. I'm talking more like these blokes over here every day. Oi ‘ad a smashing time in London oi did. What a language. It's getting me doon.

So long for now cheerio
Your loving cousin, Frank