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Date: March 24th 1942
Esther Collins (sister)

Dear Sis,

This is a fine state of affairs. I just finished writing you a letter and get it into the mailbox when slap and I get another letter from you. Now I have to answer this one and nothing has happened in the meantime that can write about. I have written so many letters lately that they have called me "Scan the Scribe" and it seems that that's all I've been doing. Do you see me worrying, no! Here's the dope -

Letters I've written home - 8 in 3 months and 2 or 3 cables.

Letters I've received from home - 4

Letters written to Mike, Tom, Millie, etc - 15

Letters received from Mike, Tom, Millie, etc - 6

Letters written all told - 75

Letters received all told - 50

As I have said before, I repeat, I say again, That I got your parcel and thanks a million, Esther. I got a letter from Uncle Tony Furiano and one from Tony Tricardi. I was swell of them to write. Outside of the family letters they were the only ones I received. Of course I got a couple from Henry and 300 cigs. You'll have to excuse this short letter as the car is outside waiting to take us from the flying field back to the Sergeant's mess for "tea."

Fish again, I bet. Thank's again for the parcel of food and give my regards to all the folks that ask about me. You can say that I was asking about them.

So long Es and Bill. I'll be glad to do that favour for Bill's father if he sends me the cigarettes for his brother Tom or any other he'd care to send them to.

Love to Patti and Marie, mom and Ann and all the rest.

Your loving brother, Frank

P.S. Tell Bill I don't see many old stamps around these days.