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Date: March 23rd 1942
Esther Collins (sister)

Dear Sis,

Hiya doon Lassie? Gotcha letter and parcel some days ago. Thanks for everything even the package of writing paper. I think I recognized that paper as part of Bill's haul from the U. of T. Thanks Bill.

I was away on another aerodrome with the fleet air arui (?) for several days and just got back to my own station and thus the delay in answering your letter.

I wrote so many lists of things I want that all I do is repeat myself in all the letters. Excuse me for not writing to you but as you will most likely read those I write to mom I figure it's killing two birds with one stone.

Marie and Patty would go dizzy looking up at the planes over here. Day and night they are always overhead zooming all over the place. The kids know their aircraft recognition better than most pilots. I took a visiting group of kids from the air training cadets around the station one day to show them the various planes on the station. I let them do all the talking and they taught me plenty about the planes. But did I tell them about the time I had 18 Me. 110's on my tail…yipee!

I never can thank you enough for the writing kit you gave me before I left. It makes my writing so much easier for me that I almost like to write letters now. This is swell paper I dug up at the Woolworth's store in town. The best they had.

I hope Bill gets his Engineering papers. Then he can settle down to a whole brand new set of false teeth and his worries will be over. Good bowling Bill ! I can imagine Patty and mom must be soon getting back to their element again to show who is boss around the house. Now that Patty is boss I can just imagine how Mom and Marie (the little Nigger) have started to find out who is second best.

Everything is swell up here in Scotland so don't worry about a thing. I forgot to enclose this snapshot for mom so you please give it to her. The other chap is one of the few chums still with me from Brandon. I'm wearing blue battle dress, used for flying duty only. The other chap is Jack Pearson of Mt. Albert, Ontario. We are both in the same flight here in Scotland.

Give my love to Patty and Marie and Bill and all the family. Love to Mom and Ann and Nonna and aunty. I wrote to uncle Cosmo. I'm hoping to see Bill's father's relatives by this time next month on April 24th. - May 1st. You can tell Ann that she can send me some balls of wool if she can get it cheap. Thanks again for the parcel. Send some canned fruits, etc. I have plenty of paper and soap for the….

Your brother, Frank