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Dawn of Deliverance

"D"day, the world was waiting, hope filled the hearts of men.
"D" for the dawn of freedom, when the boys come home again.
Rest in your graves, brave heroes, we won't forget the score;
The price you paid for our freedom was sacrificed once before.
Taken- but not forever - it was lost but we haven't forgot
For today we are winning the freedom in a battle that's fast and hot.
Storming the fortress of Europe, with the fate of the world in our hands,
Ridding a down-trod nation of the men who have ravaged the lands.

The flotilla was slowly gathered, free men of all the world
Joined together as common allies to see freedom's flag unfurled.
Never was seen such an army, so powerful, large and vast
Leaving the shores of England, for "D" day had dawned at last.
Seapower, land and air force, joined in all their might,
Bringing light to a world of darkness, that was blacker than the night.
Striking with sudden swiftness, coming by sea and air;
Driving the enemy backward and fighting with skill and care.

This is the dawn of deliverance, the start of a brand new day.
A new order will rule in Europe, for the old order has to pay.
Pay for the price of terror, for rape, destruction and strife.
Pay for the horror and heartaches, and pay for the loss of life.
The judges will not be easy, and the punishment long and severe,
No sentence cane wipe up all the blood, that's been spilling for many a year.
The final victory is nearing, so when they're dictating the term
They'll remember the men who have fallen, and make certain each clause is firm.

E.G.C Richards