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Chaplain Deacon Lord

You ought to meet our Chaplain, we call him Deacon Lord.
He's a rootin' tootin' preaching fool, words mightier than his sword.
When boys are feeling heartless, and say life's not worth while,
Then Deacon Lord starts talking, and we listen rank and file.

He'll stand up on a soap box and yell "Come join the fold!"
Just a cocky little devil that's worth his weight in gold.
When he is standing upright he reaches to your chin;
A conscious Deacon, who is really death on sin.

But Deacon Lord is more than man, he's god and devil too.
For when the going gets really tough, he's there to see us through.
He'll fight his way through thick and thin to save a harried man;
A touch, a look, a word is all - as only the Deacon can.

In times of war when nerves are taught and men revert to beasts
they need some kindly kindred soul, they need some saints and priests.
And when at last in death they lie; when life for them is through,
They call upon the Deacon Lord in this last rendezvous.

E.G.C. Richards