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The Soldier's Love

The Soldier's Love

She's just a little French girl, I met over there in France,
Sweet, petite and cuddlesome; her name she said was Blanche.
I fell for her like a Howitzer shell, and I'm sure she fell for me,
But I told her that I had a wife and a little girl of three.

Now it's here today if we're lucky, and gone tomorrow if we're not;
The Lord look after His own large flock, and some of the devil's lot.
So we had our fun together, the little French girl and I,
For I knew that my wife would understand that tomorrow I may die.

There's many a lonely soldier that's fighting far and near,
They sometimes need a women to lend his heart some cheer.
Many a lonely husband with no intent to roam
seek solace in some woman for he misses his wife at home.

So wives, don't judge too harshly, for man is just a man,
and he needs someone's companionship or life's not worth a damn.
So Blanche and I will be happy until this war is through;
And then, my dear, it you'll have me - I'll come back home to you.

E.G.C Richards