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The Lady of the Skies


She's as sweet as any lady, yet she's trim and plenty tough.
And she's got a nasty temper, if her treatment get too rough.
But we lobe her and we trust her, she's the sweetheart of the crew.
She's our little Homesick Angel and she'll always se us through.
Our skipper taught her manners; she'll never disobey.
The Navy shows her right from wrong and leads her all the way.
The bombardier is ready to clear a path ahead
The AG's do her fighting with a healthy dose of lead.

Our Angel needs connections; so the Wep is on the bit;
beating out a rhythm to the tune of dash and dit.
And if her motors fail her (which we hope ill never be)
She has a flight mechanic, who's a technical M.D.
Yes, she climbs like a Homesick Angel, and never complains of scars.
Just ask our crew if we love her; and hear the loud reply
Love her - yes of course we do, there's no other kite we'd fly.

E.G.C. Richards