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Circuits and Bumps

"Contact port," says the skipper.
"Contact Port," the reply.
Both motors are turning over, and the kite is ready to fly.
We taxi out to the runway, and there for a moment stop,
then the skipper revs the engines and corrects the pitch of the prop.

Circuits and bumps for hours - a bit of a bind, I'd say;
For a turret's not so cozy if you sit in it half the day.
I thought I wanted a desk job, back there on civvy street,
But I think I'll join the police force, so I can pound the beat.

Relax yourself for the circuit, brace yourself for the bump.
Level off for a landing, and then feel the turret jump.
Circuits and bumps are dandy, but they give me an awful pain;
and tomorrow, yes tomorrow, it's circuits and bumps again.

E.G.C. Richards