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Everlasting Wings

Fly, fly, of glorious bird-man, brave conqueror of the air.
With your silver wings above the ground, you'll fly forever there.
We earthbound men are envious, for the earth's ties hold us fast.
But you shall fly forever with a glory that will last.

Up, up through the limitless blue, there to commune with God.
Up, up through the azure hue, far o'er the earthly sod.
Kin of the mighty eagle, "Through adversity to the stars."
Up where the birds are regal, beyond the planet Mars.

Fledgling with man-made wings, strong of hand and heart,
Hark to the song that your motor sings, as it carries you through the dark.
Souring above the earthly sphere, close to the stars so bright,
knowing that God is always near, watching throughout the night.

Rest, rest brave fallen bird-man, your last flight is complete.
With a flaming gun you feared no one, and you did not know defeat.
There's a place for you in heaven, in the hangar in the sky;
There's a squadron up there waiting, and it's up to you to fly.

Flt. Sgt. E. G. C. Richards

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Original Scans