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Your Wings
(Edward) Ted

Your Wings

Your wings are a symbol of bravery, for the goal at last attained.
They are part of the compensation for the knowledge you have gained.
Just a bit of cloth on your tunic, pinned on at a Wings Parade;
Not much in the way of glory but it shows that you've been paid.

Do you feel your chest expanding, as if to hold that weight?
It's a natural reaction - but those wings won't make you great.
For the inner man is the master; that hidden hand of fate.
When you're flying your course in the future, your inner soul is the mate.

Those wings are new, yet they're tried and true, and they'll stand a trial of fire.
So it's up to you in your Air Force blue; leave nothing to desire
Cover them with glory; leave a trail around the world.
On every front where you have to hunt - make sure the flag's unfurled.

They are covered in tradition. Though our service isn't old,
We back them with our hearts and life, and reassure them like gold.
We'll help them live forever, we'll cover them with fame.
Around the world they'll know us; we'll honour the Air Force name.

Those wings we have as aircrew will never know defeat,
For they're worn by men who deserve them. And prove to the world you've the right
To wear them high, in a cloudless sky; don't stop till you've won the fight.

The fight for right and freedom and the privilege of life.
The fight that lasts forever, against aggression greed and strife.
Those wings that are pinned to your tunic are as useless as they're new;
If you cannot stand and be a man - so the rest is up to you.

Flt. Sgt. Ted Richards R.252612