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Unknown Soldier
(Edward) Ted

The Unknown Soldier

There's an unknown grave in the battlefield,
Rising o'er Europe's mud.
There's an unknown sound in the sodden ground
That's wet with soldier's blood.

Though his life he gave and his soul's passed on
He has not died in vain;
Though the world has lost this soldier brave,
The Earth's the one to gain.

He may be yours and he may be mine,
This Mother's son who's gone;
But he died for a cause that was just and true,
And his deeds shall live on and on.

For in every war there's an unknown lad
That dies in the battle's heat;
And his grave is held as a symbol dear
Where the Gold Star Mothers meet.

Oh, Soldier, as we pass your tomb
We breathe a reverent prayer;
And send it up to Him on high,
For you are in His care.

Little did you ever think,
As you fought by your buddy's side,
That you'd represent for the Allied Force,
All the men who died.

Flt. Sgt. Ted Richards R 252612