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Date: August 14th 1944
Mother and Father
(Edward) Ted Richards

Aug 14th 1944,
RAF Station
Milltown near Elgin

Dear Mom and Dad,

I was real glad to get your letter, please keep up the good work writing. I am getting my mail a lot more regular now, and it sure helps my morale. I expect to be through here some time next month, and then we will be sent back to England for more training. That seems to be all we do. I'm glad because the longer we train the less chance there is for us to go on active duty.

I am sending Dolly some of the poems that I have written since I came over. I intend to write a lot more, and I am taking a course on journalism, so that I will be ready after the war.

I sure would love to see our "Baby" and little Joy together. I can just picture them. I like getting letters from you; you can tell me so much news about everything at home. I'd give half a lifetime to be "home" again. By the sound of the news I don't think it will be very long before that crazy "skunk" is beaten. The Canadian Army is sure showing the world what we Canadians are made of. It makes me proud to be one. Somehow I kind of hope that I get a crack or two at the enemy before the armistice.

You know, Mom, I would welcome some wool socks very much.. The ones we are issued are so hard on my feet, and I can't buy any clothing over here cause you need ration points for everything. I'm going to write to sister Dora tonight, and then I have to fly.

I went to church on Sunday, and I still say my prayers every night. Please look after my darling little family for me. I will need them so much when I come home. I sure miss them, and I will always love Dolly more than life.

All my love to you, and remember me in your prayers.

Your loving son, Ted

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