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Date: May 7th 1915
Alexander Ewen

May 7. 1915

Dear Friend just got your Box of Chocolates to day got your letter a few days ago and the paper. I had two letters from Jim at the same time as I got your letter. Will your Candies did not last long for I have been out since morning. I just got back about [?] had no dinner so I spotted this Box on my desk so I enjoyed them all right but I was alone at them. I believe I enjoyed them just like reading your letters Not that I am home sick. I have too good a job for that but we have been getting it pretty hot lately had to duck out of the way of them. Jack Johnstons as they call them I have got some of the [?] of them for Souvienrs. You wanted me to write to Mrs Higman you know how I hate writing letters some days. I have all kinds of time but they wont Censure many letters I am going to drop a few lines to them any way tell Jim if I don't get a letter to him this one has to do. Jim said in his letter you was sick and not looking well at all. I thought you was all better again this Country beats Canada for a fruit growing place you should see the Blossoms on the trees the Gardens with flowers the Season is earlier here but the Country is in quite a mess it keeps us busy remembering all the places we have been too. I am still in the same beliefe that I will be home for Xmas and the Germans [?] too. I dont believe I will be able to be cival to another German again after them using this gas on our fellow but never mind it will cost us a few more men but if the Second Contingent do any thing like the first they are all right but we have made a name for ourselves any way. It is all right to have a little Scotch along with the Canada [?] how I had better [?] with [?] [?] I will have all kinds of new to tell you when I get home only it will be in French or Belgium for I am picking up quite a few of the words if ever I get mad at you I can swer at you in French. This leaves me well hoping you are the same. As Ever Alex.

Well Jean just got your Box of Candies dont you wish you had been with me when I opened the Box but I hope your mamma is not forgetting you on my pay day is she is just write me a letter and I will get you you Candies as long as you are good your Mamma tells me you are a good little girl [?] able to make the tea for her just keep on being good and I will soon be home to get your pictures taken again. Now Jean this is about all I can tell you just now. For Marion Baby + You Jean xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
Some bitter mix up isn't it.

Hello Donalda if you dont have a nice girl picked out for me when I get home I am going to buy a Auto with that money you are saving up for me for I am makeing money here every day I will soon be a Million air I am going back on my spelling but you can guess at them words.

before I close this letter I wrote one for Mrs Higman so you will likely here from her that she had a letter from me but if she write [?]Back to me and they are as good as your letters I will write to her again.