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Date: June 13th 1915
Ewen Alexander

Sunday June 13. 1915

Dear Friend got your letter this morning as you see I got it on the 13th so it brought bad news to me but I hope you are all better by this time or I will miss my letters from you. Your letters every week is all I get I never hear often from home but I suppose it is my own fault not writing but I don't care as long as I still get the Canadian letter and I do wish you dont have a long sickness. I suppose Jims letter to the Free Press made him out a hero but I can tell you different for he was laid up with [?] for a month just the time that the Canadians were in that Big Battle and he said I was miles behind the firing line I some times wish I was but as a rule we have been in front of the Artillery right along they are firing over our heads and he forgets who brings up all there stores out in the open and them lying in there dug outs I heard Major [?] is going to get the V.C. but it may only be a roumer like a lot more things that flys around here I am still in the beleif that we will be home for Xmas but I will be better able to tell by the next two months time. The Italians and Russians are doing good work just now. Well Donaldo I did not get made Sergt yet I will have to wait for another month or so now. I was made Corporal on the Kings Birthday [?] Corporals [?] from the day I left Salisbury and the Promise of the Sergt pay later on So I have got promoted on the field not in London Camp where Oakley & Barnhill were made Sergt & Corporal with pay when they got to England if they were able to hold their rank Only I am better of than them as far as money is concerned for living with the Head Quarters Staff I have 25cts field pay a day extra now this is about all I have again. I guess I will have to get Jean to write me till you get better Kissess for the Kiddies.
As Ever Alex.