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Date: July 17th 1915
Alexander Ewen

Sat. July 17, 1915

Dear Friend
Sat. Night again the weeks just goes by like a day out here. We get a move about every two weeks so that freshens up the time We have been from one end of the line to the other so I think we have seen about all the country that we will see till we go into Berlin but that is quite a way off yet but it has got to come in the end I see Jean is doing pretty well in her Dancing but you have not started Marion yet I suppose Jean will have to teach her after she gets learned herself I got your letter you wrote on the [?] June but not the [?] just a chance if I got them I was asking Regim Sergt of the 13th [?] for the McCall boys but he said they were both missed at [?] but that is all they know but if they had been prisoners they would have heard from them by this time that [?] [?] that you spoke off was in the Signal Core he run his Motor Cycle in the Ditch and got his leg hurt so I suppose that was stopping some German attack he ought to get a V.C. if talk would do it there is lots of that kind out here Miss Higmas was asking for him if he was in the Ordnance I wish you had got a right girl to write me I would have tried to answer her letters back but you know I could not begin to say any think like right for her. I would not mind writing her mother but she did not give me the Chance So there that's Jean for you. Sorry to hear you have got another cold but now when you have got just yourself and Jean for a while it may give you a chance to get better. I will have to admit that I have a weak Stomick for I get some days that I don't want to look at any thing then when I do eat I vomit pretty near takes the life out of me I have seen me some times at home the same way but it was different at home you could get what you wanted that beastly Headaches comes with it every time I found out it is that that causes the Headaches but for all that I still have the Dimple so the Fresh air must be agreeing with me Now this is about all I have got to say this time I had a letter from Jim the same day as your one but I must tell you about one I got from my Sister only they are all the same never think but I will tell you [?]. What at Xmas this leave me well hoping you have got over your Cold and on the Road to Happier Days than you have been having all winter. As Ever Alex. Hello Jean. I have not left much room for you. I got your letter . Delighted to hear you are getting on so well with your Dancing. I was looking for that paper that your mother sent to [?]. [?] on in [?] [?] best for xxxxxxxxxxx Alex.