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Date: April 1st 1917
Donalda McLean
Ewen Alexander

277 Wharncliffe Rd. London,
Apr. 1, 1917
Dear Jim ;-

I received your letter of Mar 8 last Thursday - Mar. 29 and I got your letter with your snapshot the week before. I was glad to get both. So you have seen Alex at last. I had a letter from Alex two days before yours came and he told me he had just left you. He told me how he had fitted you out with new clothes, but he didn't say anything about your appetite. He told me you came away without a pass so you could not stay very long. But you will know how to find him now and he said he expected to see you often. He has been trying to find you since before Christmas, but didn't seem to have any luck. I am glad you found him, just sorry you had not found him sooner. And I am glad also he is so pleased with his private secretary. What if I run away with all his money before he comes home. But as far as I am concerned I am pleased to do the best I can for Alex. He is one of those fellows who is grateful and I am not much afraid of his fault finding. He used to say himself that if a person did kind of right he was satisfied. So I am glad he thinks I am doing kind o'right. Yes indeed I know you would have something and quite a bit too if Effie just tried the kind o'right business too. But try not to worry over it for that will not mend it. I got your picture all right. I believe every one I showed it to caught the twinkle in your eye. You looked the villain sure. If I wouldn't die with fear at sight of the bayonet I would risk meeting all the rest in the dark. You are not thin, by any means. That battalion drilling all over you must be a healthy lot. I expected I would get [?] home for Easter but can't go this year. Jean is practicing for a concert to be put on in the Masonic Hall on Apr. 11 and 12. There is a rehearsal on Saturday night and that means stay home. Dune says he is going out to Caradoe on Friday - Good Friday. We got 3 ½ gallons of very nice maple syrup last week. Dune is going to try to get more Friday. It was a poor year. There was no frost at nights and we have very high winds nearly every day. However we will keep a [?] in the cellar for you; that will be one good feed of it at any rate. They are not making it at home this year. Jean has had trouble with her eyes and has to wear glasses. She does not need to wear them all the time but when she is in school and doing music. The music seemed to be very hard on her eyes but the glasses help a great deal. Marion says she is Jimmie Grant's girl. I believe you have made a wise choice. You can reason with her and she will try to do her best. She is quiet and I never knew her to give any one sauce. She is stubborn you bet, but if you don't like me leave me alone. But Jean will never do one thing she is not made to do. Talk, whip, scold or any old thing you like it is all the same she likes you just the same she likes you just as well as ever. And the Baby is going to be more like Jean than like Marion. How are your kiddies getting along? Has the new arrival arrived? What were you doing trying to beat me like that? I suppose they tell you all the news from home. Alex had some pictures taken in Aberdeen while he was on his last leave. They came about two weeks ago. They are fine. I must tell you about our hens. We have 14 and they laid 20 doz. In March. We have all we can use and I sold 2 doz. To-night Something of the farmer in me yet. Now Jim I think I will close. I hope you get that box all right. And I hope you still keep fine. Be sure and go to see Alex often. He will be glad to see you. So I will say Good-bye this time. Wishing you health and good luck. Write when you can.
As ever,