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Date: May 16th 1917
The Bell Family

May 16
My Dear brother sister and family we have just got the sad news of Willies death and i don't know what to say to you that would be any comfort only he was a little hearo a brave and valent soldger and he faught a good fight he was the firt of our own to fall but he will not be the last i am a fraid i went over to lucys when i got Emmas card yestardy and she had got one to and Dear sister we all feele verry bad every one has got it and every one is sorry for he was a good quiet boy and gods word says he that shall loose his life shall find it he has paid the supream price and the reward is his i know how hard it is and you will will think of him away over in france but bella he is not there he is safe in his fathers fold and i believe we are going to see terrible times hear before long hunger and want there is no prospect of any thing but want grim want it is strikes all throught the town the poor men cant live at the wages they get and the high cost of livingwe are in the last days some one had to see them and it has fell to our lot and god says it shall get worse and worse and except god shorten these days no flesh could live but for the elect these days shall be shortened and i pray they shall i went and told your father he said he was expecting it poor old man felt bad I know in greif like yours how more them vain all comfort to thee stricken heart appears and as the clouds must spend their rain so must your greif its tears the bud may have a bitter tast but sweet will be the flour just try to realise that he is safe from all earthly cure and bella we must not faint when the cross appers for we know that our saviour was nailed to the cross for us and we must be barers for his sake he says if we faint in the day of adversity our stread in dead is small

Oh how I wish I could see you all and take you in my arms and kiss you and try to comfort you as you did in my grate sorrow but we must just pray pray pray it is all we can do and dear sister i am thankful he was not left as some are mr maus[?] nephew has his 2 legs off he is in france and every day brings fresh calamets this is a dark lonesome day we hardly ever get a bright sunshiney day the verry heavens seemes to be in morning and thousands our boys killed every day and the worst is not yet come for we don't hear the worst of it england is nearer starvation then anny one knows

the devils is strong yet for that is what i call the germans they are so cruel and now dear brother and sister just look up into our fathers face and try to realise that he is leading an and that all things work together for good to those that believe Willie give his life braveley and fearlessly a and gloreysly for the saek[?] of liberty and justis and we are all proud of him for he showed him fearless and that is just what god loves in us he has faught a good fite and he is safe for ever more and now good by with all our heart felt simphty and love to you in your our of triel for it comes to us all be brave for the saek[?] of them that are left and may our father comfort your stricken hearts my brother and sister tell Alice to rite to me

lovingly your sister Emma

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Original Scans