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Date: September 17th 1900

Duleuth Sept 17th 8pm

Dear Hannah;

Your verry welcome letter did not get here tell yesterday and mother was verry sorry for she should like to have sent you some papers last weeks "Witness" has not been delivered yet and The weeks before the rats are reading it on sections of it as part of it has dissapeared and it looks like their work they must be like the family they are stopping with are verry "literate". Well you know my failings as been able to write a newsy epistle but I will try my best to give you the news even if it is dijointd. I met Mr E.E. Williams a few days ago and he wanted to know how you liked thrashing "kids" and Timothy is verry anxious to go hunting and fishing out there he thinks that is the only place where there is any game or fish in the country. He would not make a bad Brother in Law Mr Burns has gone on another trip fishing and has not returned yet Mrs. B says she is going to send you some tackle and be sure and catch any "suckers" with it I did not work to day and was glad of it as I kneeded a rest I worked two nights last week and have earned $47.00 so far this month I got the wheat home last Wednesday night and it was all Burns mare could pull there was about 12 bush wheat and 3 of flax and two sacks of bran I gave Burns good three bush of wheat for the hourse I mean from the use of him Mother was down to see Ed to night but there was no one at home so she could not find out whether he saw you yesterday or not but she will send some papers and your slippers up by Ed next Satuday. Have you seen any partridges yet or bear deer or other wild game can you borrow a gun if you can I will send you some amunition for it if you are couragious enough to shoot it will be fine sport after you get used to it I would like verry much to take a trip up there my self but do not like to loose the time as there will be a good many days this winter. I will not get the chance to so it is better to make hay while the sun shines It is now getting on to ten o'clock so you see what a poor news deliver I am so I will say good night and go to bed with love from all


Frank is not home from Church yet Mother scrubbed the floor with cold water last night or it was near morning when she did it.

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