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Date: April 2nd 1900

Duleuth, April 2nd 1900

My most dearest and exquisit sister ($2.00 each) this oppotunity affords me great pleasure, but not mother as owing to the disjointed state of her hands and limbs caused by the unexpected and sudden change of the weather which renders her incompotent to use her pen: and I being heir apparent the duty therefore falls apon me to answer all correspondents and such like of which I shall gladly do to the best of my ability to start with this is a most glorious fine day yesterday was the same but I did not have much of a chance to enjoy it as I got in at 10:30 am and immediately took refuge to my room and did not leave it till after sun down. Alma and Aggy came up about six but the only stayed a few minutes as mother was over to Mrs Bs and I could not entertain where I was. Mr B is verry Ill with the "Grip" I met Mag yesterday morning when I was coming home she was going to church I invited her to come up to dinner but she declind I think she is mad on us. Will M & I has gone to the wood as clierk it is up near Hibbing some where I was standing on the street to day noon talking to some fellows when his girl and another girl went by she was reading a letter and did not see me and there were five or six pages as large as this on I think it was from Will for it had a lumber Co heading on it. Mrs Merrit sends her your love and say for you to bring down some of them Green fellows from up there to see if they will match with the paint on her new porch Cat was up Sunday but I did not see him but he was making inquiries as to how you were getting along and says that you did not take after him literate if you had you would of answred his letters: Ma says she recieved your last bundle OK when she took the last one down to Ts Clara said that Ed was afraid to take any more large bundles as the Express Messenger would squeel on him but I suppose he is tired of it so I will see Jim M & he will take them all right I guess well I have to get ready to go out at 3:30 pm and will leave this forthe next heir to finish

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Original Scans