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Date: April 4th 1900

Wednesday 4-4-1900

Dear Hannah

I received yours Monday evening was verry glad to hear from you I think from the tone of your letter you did not get one I wrote last Wednesday Evening I gave it to Clair Thursday morning Ed was not up when I was there I thought I told you that Will was not well and that he was working all the time on the Staples run, He had just gone before I got you letter Monday and get back there for [?] he [?] got in the evening is away two night return the second fore [?] Mr [?} had been very sick he is better to-day the Dr thinks it is [?] from the muscle he works with.


[?] Mother had to leave this and go over to B's as Mr. B. is worse, I was over there this evening and he is verry sick I took the cow down this afternoon shipped her off the frieght was $4.20 I paid it and got receipt for same I should have gone out to night at 9:30 but missed the run as I am out of the calling district. I saw Mr. Johnson this afternoon and he was making all kinds of appoligies for going out for you he sows if you are not mad on him he will go for you next time he says you must go to the trainmens Ball with him next month, the boy is opening up some and the boats were moving around to day the Turkeys have not started to cry yet I mean eggs there is a lot of people sick in Duleuth now Mrs Fratcher is verry sick I heard to night that they were closing up the bding houses and Hotels in West Duleuth [?] small pox that there is over 30 cases of it there now. Have you had your pay yet if so I would like to borrow $18.00 for wich I will give you $20.00 the 20th. I have in the vincity of $70.00 coming for last month and need this money for several thing what condition are the roads in has the snow all gone yet we have no spring chicks yet I spose you heard about the white roaster dying and I think Mrs Merritt is trying to beat the other one out of his job as they have a fight every time she comes around will it is 1 am now so I will quit good night


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Original Scans