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Date: June 20th 1898
Mother and Sister

Camp G.H. Thomas Ga

Dear Mother and Sister

Your letter of 6/15 recived Satueday night and am surprised you did not get mine of the 12th but you must have it before this I wrote you again on the 16th. Well I observed the 4th commandment yesterday by going on a sort of a picnic. seven of us started in the morning after breakfast and went exploring through the woods I acted as Guide we took with us two loaves of bread and no fishes and took a direct line through the woods for a small lake that is about five miles by the road, but in a direct line 31/2 we went through fields and deserted farms and filled all our inner and outer vessels with black rasberries and wild plums green gauges and peaches. We got to the lake which is about the sise of the boulivard pond with nice clean water and schools of fish with signs all around no fishing here we procured a pin string and pole with the aid of a few grasshoppers we landed some nice ones, the country around the lake was the finest I have ever seen for sienry there was a church near the lake and some verry respectiable farm houses where we procured some milk and fresh eggs we built a fire and I tell you we had a miraclous dinner out of them two loaves on our way home we came to a mill with an old fashioned Water Wheel and we had a fine shower bath. the rest of the boys went on and I stayed to fill my napsack with berries and picked nearly 3 gallons I got over a quart off 1 bush my hands are badly scratched up from the sharp needles on the bushes. I traded half my berries for ½ pound of sugar to put them up on my away home I stopped at a nice looking farm house to get a drink and do you know that they gave me a drink of milk and they wanted me to stay to supper they are the most hospital people I have seen here I saw a couple of nice elegiable young ladies and they invited me to come over some evening I riearly fell dead when I heard that they could talk They gave me peaches and plums when I was leaving. I forgot to tell you when we were on the way to the lake we came to a clearing with a little hut in it. When I approached the fence a colored boy about 14 came running out with one suspender on and one leg in his pants. I said young man can you direct us to the lake and in in a very stenetoruous voice said Oh! Yes Sir it is a right smart ways you go right down that road by, (mentioning some mans name) farm the poor little fellow then broke down. But relief soon came. I know now where the artist gets his darktown subjects. For when a great large colored lady of between 3 and 4 hundred came out with a partly picked chicken in her hand with about 17 youngsters about the same size and as many more peeking through doors and windows cracks and chimney holes. A dispute at once rose between us as to the population of the house it was finally settled by her telling us 23 in all she had a voice like a clap of thunder and commensed to tell us where the lake was,she would be directing us yet if we stayed and we would be just as wise when we left as when we carne. Saturday afternoon we got three hour off and I thought I would visit other regiments so I visited some of the cavalry but could not find a Cap Gregory is that Mrs Findleys brothers name. Do you know what state he is from or is he in the regular or Vol Cavalry. I did my washing Friday and got my back nicely sun burnt I could not sleep with it that night the skin is all peeling off now. The Dinner horn is blowing and if I dont hurry I will get none with love to all


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