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Date: September 20th 1916
John McLean

Bramshott Camp
Sept. 20.16

Dear Mother
I got your letter to-day and one from Jim too Ther certanly were welcom too and I got a letter from Pearl with the pictures in it. they are awfull good it is the Best picture of you and Paw I ever seen. I am awfull sorry To hear about Aunt Effie I woret to here when I was at Aldershott but I am afraid she wouldnt get it in time it was about the 5 Just about the time yours was written that I mailed it. it must seem like heaven to Jim to get Back from Perry again into a place where he can see something I hope he gets a good job in the plant for he wont be able to work hard for a while. I am sorry to hear paw is no better But I guess There cant Be much done for him unless he goes under another operation and I guess that is what he will have to do yet. How you asked about our Beds. I will try and tell you all what we do and git to eat.
We have 3 Boards about 10 in. wide and They are set on 2 little tressles about 4 in heigh to keep it off the floor and that makes a little spring to it Then we have 4 good heavy single Blankets and our great coats and tunics for pillows. we get up at 5-30 and fall in at 6-30 for an hours squad drill like we use to do at the Bay then we come in and get porage sausage (1) and 2 slices of Bread with some Margirine for Butter and a cup of tea we get fall in again at 8-30 for an hours phisical drill Then we drill till noon and get our dinner of Roast Beef and Bread sometimes Soup dinner is always good and supper too I have never Been Hungry we drill from 1.45 till 4.45 in the after noon and we have till 9.45 in the evenings to our selvs if we are not on duty. every body seems to like it all Right. Oliver and Willis is fine But say I can notice an awfull diffrance in all the Bay fellow They seem to have Changed all togather since we left there last winter. This trip has been worth a whole lot to all of us we didnt know what home and Friends were till we came over here but we know now and will be able to settle down and take some pleasure out of home when we get Back again tell Well it is getting dark and I have a letter to write to Jim yet I guess I Better Ring off say did I tell you about Alex been Killed he wasn't it was another Alex McKenzie and I guess They got his nomber mixed Dunk had a letter from him yesterday and he is all Right. tell Anna that I am going to try and hunt Dan up Schorncliff is only about 75 miles from here and if I (over) ever get my pass I will go and hunt him up. how is every body are they all alive. Well I will close love to everybody.
John write often
P.S. I will write to Anna and Kate this week too

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