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Date: September 17th 1916
John McLean

Bramshott Camp
Sept. 17/16

Dear Mother:-
I guess this is the longest I have ever Been of writing But I had not stamps and couldnt get out to get any till last night and now I only have one sheet of paper so I will only be able to write a short letter. But we are all fine and getting along good and are getting to like it Better all the time. only we havent had any letters from home for near 2 weeks. But we will get them this week I guess and very likely a whole Bunch of them Say I heard I dont know wheather it is true or not that you may not get any money for 3 months but when you do get it you will get the $60.00 all at once. and I guess it is going to leave you kind of short till then But it cant Be helped all I drew on the 15th was 2.40 But will get more next pay. They keep some back and it leaves pretty short till after that But then we will Be all Right But all we need money for now is Tobacco and stamps and the tobacco is an awfull price 1.S 6 for a plug of McDonald chewing that is equal to 30 cents. But as soon as you can send me some old Chum. How is Paw is That lump any Better and how did he get along with the harvest I guess it will Be pretty near all done there now. it is in the Country
it is getting pretty cool at night here now But we have lots of Blankets and are getting some stoves so we will Be all Right. the Colonel gave a prize of $5.00 to the cleanest and neatest hut last week. the Huts are just one story and 35 men sleep in Each one and a Corpl. of L/corp. is in charge of it and the hut I was in got it last week and we got our $5 last night and we are going to get writing paper and things like that for our own use with it so I wont Run short of paper for a while now well I guess this is all for this time It is getting pretty near Bed time here but you people wont think of it for about 5 hours yet. I guess you wouldnt have mad supper yet there Tell Anna and Kate to write often. How is every Body.
I will say good bye for now.
Love to all.

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