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Date: June 3rd 1916
John McLean

Niagara Camp.
June 3/16

Dear Father:-
I Received your letter to-night and was glad to get it. There is no use of me trying to get These fellows to help Thomas at all. They all say he should have minded his own Business and not butted in. I dont see where The orange Lodge had any Business to do anything it is not up to the lodge to have anything to do with a case like That.
Thomas did not try to stop me from going ahead with The dance. of course I dont know what he said to other people but he didnt try very hard to keep me from dancing altho I dont Think myself he had any Right to do what he did. he knew That it was our last night in The Bay with all our friends and he should have looked at it That way I am sorry it cost him so much and the people That caused the trouble for him didn't do as much for us as Thomas himself did very likley people who used us like dogs while we were There. I am going to try and get off for about 2 weeks in haying if I can and go home. I had a letter from Jim and he says he cant keep men at all. if he says anything to Them They will quite Right there.
Well I guess This is all now Write again soon.
your Son

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