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Date: June 3rd 1916
John McLean

Niagara Camp.
June 3/16

Dear Mother:-

Well I said I would send some money to-day. I will if I can get in to the post office. we were out on a Route march to queenston heights to General Brocks Monument yesterday That is about 6 miles from here and when we got There it came on the heaviest Thunder storm I ever saw. The lightning killed I think 3 soldiers and injured about 20 They Belonged to The 116th we were about as far from Them as from our gate to the top of the gully we dont know just how many was killed but There was that many anywas. one fellow had two holes in his forehead
I was not close enough to see what They were like I saw Them carring them to the Aumblance and Then They passed us on the Road coming home with Their eyes Bandaged up. It seemed to effect Their eyes more Than anything else. One fellow They say was Burnt awfull bad and The smell of him was fierce it turned him Black but we dont know whather That was True or not we hear kinds of stories about it but you will see it in the Sault Star I guess.

it Rained all the way home But we all had dry clothes to put on when we got here That sure is an awfull hill where the Monument is and you look Right down on the Niagara River. it is a pretty place they have a great Big lawn right around it. I am going to The falls to-morrow. Oliver McWatters took a Snap Shot of me I will send some when we get Them. Well I guess This is all. you asked what kind of Beds we had well we have 3 single Blankets apiece and Swiner and I sleep together we have 3 under us and 3 over us Right on the floor of the tent. They are all Round tents and 8 men in each Every body sleeps with his feet to the middle. I got a dollars worth of 3¢ stamps and stuck Them in my pad and now about 20 of Them are stuck There. Well I guess This is all give anna $2 of This when she goes to the Soo and I will send some for Kate next time I suppose paw will soon be going on the Road. has he the Big team yet and has Sall a Colt yet how is the other Colt. I guess This is all now write soon.


Lee McDonald is here I will have to find him to-morrow if I can

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