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Date: August 3rd 1940

Dear Family

Pipe the paper! Pretty snazzy eh. This is stuff that the mess has had for years, you can only buy tissue paper now.

Just got back from a leave on the Isle of Man yesterday. Darned if they didn't put meat rationing into effect the day I got there, which was a bit of a blow. Met Dick Porteous on the way through town on the way back.

Thanks very much for the Leoné choclates, Mum, very good they are and like gold over here.

I sent my last letter by air-mail, let me know how long it took. I got one from Mum in 8 days and one from Hairp in 6, both air-mail. That's pretty darn fast, ordinary mail takes 4 weeks.

Terribly sorry about Pat Little, I hope he turns up as a prisoner-of-war. The R.C.A.F. seems to be taking a bit of a beating.

I'm afraid there's not much to write about at the moment, there never is. The leave was very successful, although the weather wasn't so hot. I didn't swim because it was a bit too cold. Had a couple of rousing parties. Some people over there gave a small party for me which was pretty good fun.

Well, I'm sorry that this is a pretty thin letter, but maybe the next one will be better.

Love, Geoff.

P.S. Glad to hear all the crocks are better. Did you hear the broadcast yet?