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Date: November 6th 1943
Donald Fuller

PLEASE ADDRESS REPLY TO No.22602 Rank Gdsm Name Thompson A A 22nd. C.A.R. C.A.O Nov 6/43 Dear Donald, just a few lines to say that i am well and still in England. The weather here is fine and clear but it is turning cold now We have not had any frost yet And it seems funny to me I am sure you must have had frost in canada by now We are still in the field and training hard every day Sunday in the army is just like any other day of the week I have not had any leaves or holidays for 5 months now But we I expect to get a leave some time this month So i will try and send you a telegram When i go on leave How is Grandma and your mother and Dad keeping I suppose you are all busy ploughing now. Have you a hired man now I guess it is hard to get a man now With the war on and everybody in the armed forces Are you going to school this year and how are you getting along. I suppose you will be learning to plough now. How is nipper I received your parcel early in October and the bars were swell I was out in the field when our Squadron Sargeant Major gave me your parcel Have you been up to Cushing lately And how are all the people up there. We have a lot of fun when we are out in the field Their are lots of wild fowl and we have some good meals to But the English people do not approve of the canadians forces shooting their wild fowl Our meals are not the best now. The bread over here is sour and we do not eat very much of it Believe me the water here is not the best here where we are stationed now And they put something in it to make it fit to drink And it sure tastes funny. Well Donald it wont be long until Christmas are you going to hang up your stocking this year Well i guess it is time for me to bring this letter and clean up my web and pistol for parade tomorrow morning. The news from Russia and Italy is very good to day General Monty says that in 90 days the germans will be out of Italy and Joe Stalin says that the Jerries will crack sooner than we expect However time will tell Well i must close now and clean up So By By for now Love Gdsm A A Thompson NATIONAL WAR EFFORT. PLEASE USE BOTH SIDES OF PAPER