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Date: February 12th 1919
John William Law

West Sandling Camp

My Dear Mother:-

I have not much more to tell you than in my letter of Monday evening. I came down here last night leaving London at 3 pm. Got up about 10 am and went to the Pay Office and drew 3 pounds. Saw the King and Queen driving to parliament for the opening, accompanied by many others including Admiral Beatty then had luncheon and put in the remaining time at the Royal Academy where there is an exhibition just now the Canadian War Memorial Paintings. Now please don't run away with the idea Im an art critic, but there was on view some fine paintings about 300 in all. Im sending you the programme and when they come to Toronto I'll take you and tell you all I know about the different places. This evening went to call on Mrs. Nicholson (nee Vice) but was told she was in Canada. Probably you've seen here by this time. I suppose she'll be going out to Winnipeg to make her home. It seems everybody is in Canada now. I see very few Canadians around here and those I do are in the same position as myself ~ waiting to be sent there. I hope to follow soon now, perhaps by the end of the month. There are many Canadian Flying Officers here being repatriated but I have not been amongst them. They are down at Shorncliffe about 4 miles further down. I have not yet come across any book showing the ships that have been sunk by submarine. There is however a pictorial showing the surrender of the German navy, but these should be on sale in Toronto to, so I did not get one. This camp is a frightful place to what it used to be. Only derelict soldiers seem to be here. No discipline, no parades, poor meals and broken windows. Im glad Im leaving soon. I expect to go tomorrow to Witley about 50 miles the other side of London. Don't you think Ive done a lot of traveling since I left home in '15. I have seen some cities in that time too, but none come up to Toronto, not even Paris. Well Mother will close now. I hope you are not getting impartient over my delay in getting home. It was a piece of hard luck I had to go into Hospital, which I could not help.

With love to all
Your loving son

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