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Date: December 15th 1901

Deleuth, Dec 15th 1901

My Dear Sister Hannah

I am ashamed to try for to make any apologies for not writing to you or mother before this but I can assure you that it is not the loack of Brotherly lvoe that has made me so negilent as you know yourself my commutin faculity is very dull and it has been getting worse of late as I am working every night and when I get through in the morning I seek my couch If I managa to get to it before falling asleep I am stopping work with the Purdy since the first of the month they have taken 4 rooms in the U.S. Block. I have steam heat and electirc light and bath in [?] which makes it very comfortable for me this cold shap we are now having we have been having verry fine weather up til friday night when it took a turn with a real Duleuth blizzard and the thermometer dropped to 30 below and stayed there. I am not working to night as I fell and bumped my knee last night that was my excuse for getting off to night I expect it to be better tomorrow righ you asked me why I changed my job on the G.N for the one i now have Well I done so to better my condiditon morely - mentally physicaly and financily, McCullough the yard master in the Eastern left and Dan Williams (rest of letter missing)

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Original Scans