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Date: June 21st 1942
Donald Fuller

( C. G. G )

Camp Debert
Nova Scotia

June 21 - 42

Dear Donald just a few lines to say that i am fine and enjoying my self here in camp. I did not manage to see you that day in Lachute as it was to late when i went up town. How are you getting along in school i hope you are doing fine and that you will pass in all your exames. How do you like going to school in town i suppose you must have found it funnay at first with all the kids around. Well Donald we have lots of work to do here now. Since we changed over to an armoured unit it is rather strange at first. But i think we will get used to it after while. How is Daddy and your mother also Grandpa and Gramma I suppose you are busy with the hay now and you will have lots of work to do now in the fields raking up hay for the hayloader. We just heard a news broadcast and they say the Japs are not far from Alaska. Well let them come they will get a hot welcome when they meet the Americans up there i wish we could go but i guess we are not lucky enough. As our postes are St. Johns and Halifax if anything goes wrong I spent seven weeks up in Ontario on a drivers course and i had a lot of fun. It was just like going back to school again. All our instructors were from the States and they were a nice bunch of men to work under. They did everything they could to help us along and we all done well in our exams.

Well Donald i guess this is all the news for now hoping that this little letter finds you and all the rest of the folks at home in good health

by by for now
best regards
Archie Thompson