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Date: December 12th 1941
Donald Fuller

Saint John N.B.

Dec 12 1941

Dear Donald

Just a few lines to say that I am fine and hope you are the same. How is school going or have you finished until the spring. I suppose the cold days are here again We had a nice fall of snow here 2 days ago it a mild snow storm the kind that makes good snowballs. I was on Guard at the main gate of our Barracks it is in the city here and we had a big snow fight with the girls here i got hit in the eye with one and it has turned black I guess i am out of shape. Well how is nipper have you much snow up in the country Everybody here is out doing there Christmas shopping I went out on a pass last night in the city and it was nice to see all the windows all dressed up with all kinds of nice presents and toys the streets were full of boys and girls looking at them.
How is your mother and dad I guess he is busy in the bush cutting wood now I went out one day to help a farmer cut some wood near where we had our out Poste on one of the beaches. It sure was nice to handle a ax and saw again. I expect to go up to the country on the 18th of this month so I will come over and pay you a visit. Our Christmas and New Years leaves are all mixed up now as they must be finished at the end of this month. So I will be up before Christmas I have from the 18 until the 22 off for my holidays. Well Donald i guess this is all for now.
Remember me to Mr. and Mrs. Fuller So By By for now

With best regards

Archie A. Thompson

My addr is
Barrack Green
St. John N.B.