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Date: June 16th 1917
Brother and sister
William Henry

June 16-17.

Dear brother & Sister and every one I hope you are well as this leaves me, well[?] we had a very fine trip landed here a week ago but we are not supposed to tell the place we are at, but we are at the South east of old England not very far from London we are camped in the finest park that Britain owns I don't know the Size of it for I have seen no end to it yet and the roads[?] They are the finest in the world, They keep us at it pretty steady here drilling & rout marching[?] but we cant help it for all the Foresters That came over on This ship got quarenteed [sic] for there was a Brockville[…?] and[?] bunch had mumps so we are all shut in for that but it is said we are goin[?] to France the commanding officer of the Forestry dept examined our Kamloops bunch a few days ago to see what we could do around sawmills or in the bush, so he told me to put my name down as a mill for[?]man so That is just what I did well this is not canada even Tobacco is as dear as the devil[?] Jim bought one ounce today and paid 35¢ for it I wish I could arrange to have it sent from Canada.[?] there is no white bread used in This Country.[?] it is all grahm and has to be one day old before it is used oh you bet I would like to have my feet under some Canadian Table for a little while again but I Think The worst famine[?] here is matches sometimes one match has to do one dozen pipes.[?] one will start the match Then you see them run from every where with peaces[sic] of paper[?] another Thing we get no war news you folks in Canada know more about such Things Than us we get no daily papers in camp. In fact we have had no mail yet of any kind but then That is to be considered[?] for There is very few Ships sailing now, There is everything in the shape of game in This park the deer is so Tame they will come up witthin[sic] a few feet of a one[?] There is also trees here that even this BC lot of bushmen don't know the name of my adress[sic] is 2323464 Pte[?] [?] L Dali[?] London Militey[?] [?] England Forester Corps

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Original Scans