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Date: February 6th 1864
Mr. Smith

Warehouse Barracks
Elinora, Feb 6 1864

Mr. Smith
Dear Sir

Your warning came too late and I was swindled out of 2 thirds of my County Bounty. All I got was one hundred dollars. But I know all the parties and took the money under protest and I think I can recover it yet for I was basely deceived and robbed but I cannot explain all in a letter but when this cruel was is over I will have satisfaction out of those scoundrels. You see I am in Elinora. They were sending a squad of Mounted Rifles from Schnectiday and I requested Capt. Butler to send me here as I thought I could get sent to my Regt. sooner from here than from New York. The barracks here are packed with men and are more like the [?] attached to a Large Distillery than any thing else I know of. Many thanks for you kindness in writing to Dr. Vosburg and I wish he would get me sent on immediately for I long to be in the field and away from these cursed Barracks. It would not be bad at all if I could get a Furlough or even a [?]. I am acquainted with no one and therefore can get neither.

Yours Respectfully. D.M. Forbes