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Date: November 20th 1915

4th University Company
McGill University
Montreal, Nov. 20 ‘15

Dear Mother: -

I don't think it is my turn to write but I shall try to drop a few lines home every week. You will notice that we are still here. It seems to be the rule to tell us we will be going in a few days and then when the time comes a different order comes through. Now the latest report is that we leave next Wednesday 24th. We will not sail from here but will go by train to Halifax and sail from there. The last troop ship for this year from Montreal went out yesterday.

This has been a very easy week. We have done almost nothing in the way of long marches, partly because we were all vaccinated this week and partly because of the weather which has been wet. Most of the mornings we have had lectures by the officers and have done a little drilling in one of the armories.

On Thursday night we went out on the mountain with about 800 others and had a pretty good work out.

On Monday night our Company were the guests of the Khaki Club in the city. Between the acts at the theatre College songs and yells were given. Nearly every college in Canada is represented in the bunch. There are about 100 from Sask. and Alta. and another 60 or 75 from Man. and B.C. so, by far the majority of them are from the West.

The Y.M.C.A. entertained us on Tuesday evening. There were games of basketball, indoor football, billiards, bowling water polo and various other things doing all the time. A barrel of apples was emptied too and a good deal of coffee and cake disappeared.

We were inspected on Thursday by General Wilson who is the Officer commanding all the troops in this division and on Friday the Duke of Connaught inspected us and told us what he has told thousands of others.

Today the girls of McGill entertained us to afternoon tea and the author Stephen Leacock was there and read some of his writings. We have been well looked after by everybody connected with McGill having the use of quite a number of their buildings, reading rooms swimming pools etc.

We had an illustrated lecture this morning by one of the Professors who is also a Major in the McGill Officers Training Corps, on aeroplanes and their use in warfare.

Tomorrow for church parade we are going to St. James Methodist Church, where the General Conferences have been held.

I was out to Blackwells last night for tea and after tea went over to the home of another of the family. They are all very nice and I have had a good time with them. One of the boys who is married and living in the city sent me a nice Gillette Safety razor a few days ago. I have two of them now so will likely send one home before I go. I think I will send my watch too because it is no good to me as I have place to carry it. I shall have to get a wrist watch.

Had a long letter from Geo. & Francis, also one from Cora a few days ago. Ethel also wrote and told me all about the latest MacKenzie.

Was sorry to hear that snow had come before the threshing was finished and hope the weather clears up again long enough to get it done. It has probably stopped work on the house as well.

The rinks are open and there is skating and hockey every night. It is artificial ice they use though. They say the winters here are very cold though and they have a lot of snow.

This time next week we expect to be on the water unless something else turns up in the meantime. I shall send you a card before we sail and will write you as soon as we land on the other side.



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