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Date: January 21st 1917

#475465 P.P.C.L.I.
B. E. F. France
Jan 21, 1917

Dear Edna:--

A day or two ago I received along with eleven others, a letter from you dated Nov 26/16. It has been a long time coming, as also the others had been. But it was none the less welcome for all that and I enjoyed reading it very much.

I have just come in after a long spell in the trenches and it was a most disagreeable trip. The weather has been bad rain, snow and frost have each tried their best to ruin the trenches, fill them with water and cause them to cave in.

By the same mail as yours I had a long letter from Leslie and I enjoyed it. He always writes an interesting letter. I must answer it soon - today if possible.

It is Sunday today, but it does not seem much like it. I have been on a parade to see a demonstration of a new system of attack and this afternoon another parade will occupy a good part of the time.

Jan 22

You see as usual I had to leave this and hurry away to do something else. This is characteristic of Army life.

Tonight I was again pleasantly surprised to find a second parcel for me in the mail from a little girl near Ninga and I am full of kind thoughts and pleasant memories of delicious cake and candy.

I have also to thank you for one of the nicest boxes of candy I have ever tasted, chiefly because it contained my greatest favorite in that line, peanut brittle. I received it while in supports and I was then living in a cave about 75 feet below ground. It had formerly been a mine. I can never tell you how much I appreciate your kindness. I can only say from the bottom of my heart for the multitude of good things you have done for me, "I thank you!"

While in that cave I also took the liberty of posting a photograph to you which you may accept or not as you wish.

I must make this letter short, I am sorry to say, owing to the fact that I have a great number to write before we go into the trenches again for another long spell. I shall write whenever I possibly can.

By the way, I have not answered the letter I received from you last but I shall do so next time.

With kindest regards especially to your Mother whom I think had a hand in making that cake, I am,

As ever Your sincere friend
Lc/Cpl. Dick
P.S. Winkler & Jenkins have just been to see me.