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shows up any that are working. I have seen several fellows picked off, but on any parties that I have been on so far none have been killed.

The warmest time I have seen yet was one night while pushing small cars along a little railway when the Germans started throwing iron over. They blew up the track both in front of us and behind us within about 50 yds of us. Then one burst about 15 yds from three of us and covered us with mud from head to foot. There was no shrapnel from them though. They were merely high explosives otherwise it would have been more serious.

I rather like a little excitement like that as long as it does not come any closer. It takes a shell or two to keep me awake, after 8 nights with only 3 or 4 hours sleep in the morning it gets pretty tiresome. I cannot sleep in the day time, but I expect I shall develop that accomplishment before long.

Two nights ago I sat down for a minute on the parados of the communication trench and before I knew it I was sound asleep. But I was suddenly awakened by a fellow plonking is feet on my face. It was pitch dark and he did not see me. However all I got was a bloody nose and a little skin off one side of my cheek.

Within a day or two our regiment goes into the trenches.

We see some aeroplanes drop here occasionally. The anti-aircraft guns are shooting at them constantly. Sometimes there is a regular fleet of aeroplanes in the air. They always remind me of a swarm of mosquitoes when they are chasing an enemy plane. I was within a few hundred yards of one that was brought down one day and went over to it and saw them gathering up one of the men who was killed and carrying off the other fellow who jumped and saved himself, before the plane struck a tree that demolished it.

One of Dr. Crummy's sons was very badly wounded a couple of weeks ago. He is with our regiment. Another son was killed near here about a month ago. He was not with us though.

I have not heard from Cara for a long time. I think I wrote to her last, you might remind her of that if you see her. It will soon be time for summer holidays again, when she will probably be home. I have not heard whether Bill Shearer has found a battalion to join yet.

Had a letter from Jim lately, but he could not tell me where he is. I know he is not near here though. You have read a great deal about the places we see every day here.

Love to all.
Write soon, both of you.


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