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Date: September 29th 1916

Royal Military College,

September 29th 1916

Dear Dad:-

I got your letter this morning and sure was surprised to hear that Ella is actually going to nurse. Some job! Still, she ought to have a good time in Toronto. Glad to hear you're on such good terms with the Duke, no wonder he tried to make friends with me, but I repulsed him!

Here's hoping you'll be able to get the canvas back on to the boat again. I'll bet it will be some job. Remember what a job Davidson said it was.

We've been out superintending the recruits working on the obstacles. We sure are going to give them some race. The sports are tomorrow and we have a whole holiday but at present it looks very much like rain which will spoil everything.

The 2nd Class are up at Petawawa now and some of them are back for the sports. They are having a cinch of a time. They don't get up till 6 in the morning and only have two in a tent; while we get up at 5 and had 7 or 8 to a tent. However, they are not getting nearly so good a course as they only have one officer and no sergeant-major instructors to curse them a bit. They've been up a week and have hardly settled down yet. Their course only lasts a month too. I'd surely like to get in that battery if it leaves fairly soon and I could get in as a section commander. No super- numey jobs for me as they are generally left on the dock at Halifax. So do your darndest to find out all you can about it.

Well, I am sorry to have to sting you again but as we leave next Friday for home I'd better get my fare as soon as possible. 5 bones will cover it I think. We shall have a car all right as there are 20 of us. Please thank Ella ever so much for the candy, I just got it & am spoiling my appetite for tea.